Welfare never delivers what it promises, we need the real God


Welfare helps millions of people at least that is what our nation believes.  It is the largest financial support system in the nation.

If blessings come from government, then it is nearly impossible to argue where to stop handing out money.  Even if we don’t have it.

The Daily Signal has some details

“Federal and state governments spent $1.02 trillion on welfare in 2014—an increase of $274 billion, or 36 percent, since 2003 after adjusting for inflation. At the federal level, the welfare bureaucracy spans numerous agencies and includes more than 80 different means-tested aid programs that provide cash, food, housing, medical care and social services to poor and low-income Americans.”

Welfare cannot solve the problems of the world.  It’s not even a good short term solution because it changes people minds about work, family, marriage and children. 

Welfare does not put families back together or give children their fathers back or create jobs or increase productivity.   Rather it undermines all these things that are needed to truly help people.  

Wage growth is at a 33 year low, the housing ownership rate is at a 40 year, labor participation is at a 40 year low and the economy is at a standstill even after trillion in government spending.

The current welfare system has resulted in almost no one buying houses, looking for jobs or getting a pay increase. 

Welfare is a poor substitute for the good life.  It lies to us and tells us it will provide and protect us, but in the end all it delivers is greater suffering.  We are better off rejecting it and following after God and his commands, and soon after he always delivers.

It is not possible to spend enough money to replace the value society gets from a strengthened family that believes in God. Research proves that nothing compares to the impact on society that faith in God has. 


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