Yes redefining marriage will hurt heterosexual marriage and their children


One of the gotcha questions the media likes to use is “why should you care about redefining marriage, it will not affect your marriage?”

Ryan T. Anderson has some great answers to this question in his book, “What is Marriage? – Man and Woman A defense”. 

“There can indeed be much harm, if recognizing them would obscure the shape, and so weaken the special norms, of an institution on which social order depends. So it is not the conferral of benefits on same-sex relationships itself but redefining marriage in the public mind that bodes ill for the common good. … If the law defines marriage to include same-sex partners, many will come to misunderstand marriage.”

Misunderstanding marriage is what hurts heterosexual marriage.  Removing the man-woman definition of marriage removes many of the reasons that hold heterosexual marriages together.  Redefining marriage reduces marriage to just an emotional feeling, which is not strong enough to create or hold together many heterosexual marriage. 

By removed many of the reason for heterosexual marriage, both existing heterosexual marriages and future heterosexual marriage face more challenges to stay married or get married.  This is why every nation that has redefined marriage has seen a dramatic drop in their marriage rate. 

What about children?

The children of heterosexual marriages are hurt because their parents have less reasons to stay married and they themselves will have a much more difficult time getting married.

“… according to the best available sociological evidence, children fare best overall when reared by their wedded biological parents. “

This is what has been hidden from the young people today that support genderless marriage.  They had no idea that they where helping to remove the very reasons that hold together their own parents’ marriage or that they are drastically reducing the conditions needed for their own marriage.

Here is a great video with some more information about how children will be harmed:

"The Benefits to Children of Having a Mom and a Dad who are Married to each other"

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