A genie is too weak, we need the real God


I overheard a few people talking the other day about believing in a God does not does help people when they ask.   

They were arguing that because God does not heal someone when they are sick is proof that believing in God is not worth it.   

This argument sounds good on the surface, until you think about it a little more.  If we demand that God respond to our requests, we don’t really want an all-powerful God.  Instead, we are demanding God to act like a Genie.    

Year ago, there was TV show called ‘I dream of Jeanie’, staring a Genie that was trapped in a bottle until someone let her out.  In response, the Genie would grant them miracles wishes.   

If we demand God act like a Genie, by definition we are not interested in God.  For God to be all-powerful and all-knowing, he cannot be controlled by our wills.   A Genie is a much weaker power then the real God.  A Genie is subject to the all-powerful God.  Why would we want a weaker spiritual power, who is subject to a higher power, if we already have the ability to go directly to the all-powerful God?

Demanding that God act like a Genie is demanding that he not act like God.  If God were to follow our commands, by definition he would not be God.  

And refusing to believe in God unless he act like a Genie is again asking God to deny himself.  If he always did what we asked him to he would not be the God that we refused to believe in.  Therefore to refuse to believe in God unless he act like a Genie is self-defeating reasoning.  

The real God shows us that he is indeed all-powerful when he sometimes performs miracles in the middle of our lives.  This is what God does and continues to do in every generation.   

Eric Metaxes wrote a great book last year about how God’s Miracles change our lives.  


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