The sexual revolution has left many college students with empty lives


In an interview with editor Marvin Olasky, author and political philosopher of 34 years at University of Texas, J. Budziszewski discusses the sexual revolution.

J. Budziszewski points out that college students today are less education to think through the false assumptions promoted by the culture.  And because of this, they are more unhappy and unsatisfied than ever.   

“What are their lives like? More and more disordered. Anything goes, especially concerning sex, even among many young people who call themselves Christians. Twenty years ago, if I’d asked, “Are there any problems with the sexual revolution?” they would have said, “No, it’s fine.” Now they often answer, “No, it’s not working.””

The cultural rejection of truth and specifically the rejection of Christianity has left students unaware of the rational for truth.  The students that question false assumptions of the sexual revolution are surprised to find out that ‘Christian morality is a prerequisite for happiness’ and they are upset that nobody ever told them this.

Rather than improving life, the sexual revolution empties life of meaning and purpose, leaving students with empty lives.  When they find this out they are upset but few realize that Christianity delivers the better life they are looking for.

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