What if your job becomes used for evil?


Most jobs are not directly used for evil.  But what if your job was indirectly used for evil, what should you do? 

As with any nation that moves further away from Christ, more of the jobs become part of the expanding wickedness that replaces God.  As evil expands into each industry, it becomes more and more difficult to find a job that is not being used for evil.   

This encroachment of evil into the labor market has lots of people talking about what they are going to do.  Just a few weeks ago Kentucky clerk Kim Davis was jailed six days for being in contempt of federal court after refusing to issue marriage licenses due to her biblical opposition to same-sex marriage. 

When our labor is used to directly sin against God or promote or approve of sin, then we must refuse to work.  When we are forced to sin against God, we must refuse.  We must avoid sinning against God.   

Whereas when we work at a job that someone else uses our labor for evil, we can remain fearful of God (not sinning against him) - Psalms 119:11.   And if our labor is indirectly used for evil, we still have a clear conscious before the Lord and we have the comfort of knowing that God can use evil for good.  Both evil and good reveal the truth about God.   

I good book about this is "Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case". No matter what evil does, it always proves God is righteous and we are not.  


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