Jesus was not a socialist, rather a free-market capitalist


Bryan Fischer wrote an excellent article the other day, points out what Jesus said about economics.

“Rumors continue to persist that Jesus was a socialist, despite all the evidence to the contrary. For instance, he did not believe in the involuntary redistribution of wealth. He never once commanded government to dig its hands into the wallets of its citizens to give their money to somebody else.

He did, of course, believe in the voluntary redistribution of wealth, where individuals give freely to those in need out of their own resources and motivated by compassion. His commands about feeding the poor and clothing the naked were given to us, not to government.”

“Bottom line: Jesus was a capitalist. The economy in which his stories take place is an economy predicated on the private ownership of the means of production, on the freedom of each worker to make his own wage agreement with his employer, and on the responsibility of each employer to pay his employees what he promised.” 

This is why the America economy (and the rest of the world) is declining.  The free-market capitalism that Jesus taught is the solution to creating growth and increasing wealth. 

Historian Rodney Starks explains this in his book, “The Victory of Reason: How Christianity led to freedom, capitalism, and western success”.

Rodney points out “… the Protestant ethic shattered these traditional linkages, creating a culture of frugal entrepreneurs content to systematically reinvent profits in order to pursue ever greater wealth, and therein lies the key to capitalism and the ascendancy of the West.“

As the nations of the world move away from the teachings of Christ, they move away from creating wealth.

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