The media’s complicit hatred of Christians


Here is part of Dr. Brown’s response to the Christians martyred this week.

“When a white supremacist murdered black parishioners in Charleston, SC, there was national outrage leading to the banning of the Confederate Flag and a fresh discussion of race relations in America. But when Christians are targeted and murdered on a campus in Oregon, much of the nation yawns.

According to eyewitness reports, the Oregon shooter asked students what their religion was, and if they said “Christian” he shot them in the head.

… there is a growing national climate of extreme hostility towards Christianity, and from professional news media to popular social media, it is open season on committed followers of Jesus.”

Why is the media so eager to just on news about any violent against anyone – accept Christians?  The silence of the media over the hatred of Christians reveals the hatred that the media has for Christ. 

In the days ahead, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the media openly support this gunman’s martyr of Christians.  The media does not realize the slippery slope they are on.  They are pushing the nation to open persecution of Christians, which will one day force Christians underground, hiding their faith in Christ from society.

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