The real problem with the people beneath the guns


The resent Oregon gunman was another isolated, angry, lonely man who was desperate to do something for fame – something to give his life meaning.

The problem was not the gun in his hand, but the missing meaning to life that he was seeking. 

He did it to make a name for himself, to put his name in history, like other gunman that made history before him.   This is basically what he said in his writings.

The politicians that call for gun control are desperate for the same thing, they want to make a name for themselves, do something in history that people will remember them by.

In this way, the gunman and the politicians calling for gun control share the same desperation for attention.   Both are desperate for the media’s attention to hang on their every word.

The real problem beneath the guns are people that have been kept from the truth – that Jesus has a purpose and a reason for their life, that is greater than any spotlight that the media can give.  There are so many things that the Lord has told us about life that we need to know and cannot live without. 

The reason people are kept from the knowledge of the Lord begins with their secular education.

“A secular education can only cover a very limited set of knowledge, leaving students unsatisfied and unable to find a place in the world that is worthy of their dedication.  This is because a secular education has no basis for a purpose to life, and no reason for discipline or forgiveness, grace or mercy.”

If the gunman only knew that the Lord has greater plans for him - to truly make history.

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