America will fall without a moral revival - Franklin Graham


Franklin Graham launches 50-state tour ahead of 2016 election.

The son of renowned preacher Billy Graham and president of the evangelistic ministry Samaritan’s Purse, Franklin is calling people out to repent and take action.

In Des Moines, Iowa Graham kicked off his Decision America Tour 2016.

“We’re here because we understand our country’s in trouble,” he said. “It’s in big-time trouble.”

““Where do we begin to confess the sins of our nation?” Rev. Graham pondered, listing several social moral ills. “Our sins are so great.”

“I think about the entertainment industry and the sex and the violence that we export all over the world,” he said. “Abortion; the murder of children in a mother’s womb. We have sinned greatly. Same-sex marriage is celebrated in our nation today. We have sinned greatly against almighty God.”

The stakes are greater than ever and an estimated 20-30 million evangelical Christians that didn’t vote in 2012 are on the verge of turning the nation around.

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