Without truth society is increasingly incoherent


President Obama is increasingly frustrated by how his foreign policies have failed.

A recent article in World Mag framed the problem noted in the Washington Post.

“Karen DeYoung of The Washington Post reports that White House aides have received an earful about how poorly the administration’s Middle East strategy was playing, not only at home but around the world.”

“DeYoung reported, “Obama felt what they really needed was to do a better job of explaining it. He ordered what [her informant] called an ‘uptick in our communications tempo.’”

“When the natives get restless over Obamacare or “climate change” initiatives, it’s not that the policy is incoherent or unworkable; it’s because they just don’t understand how wonderful it is—and that’s the fault of the wordsmiths, not the policymakers. Certainly not Obama’s fault.”

The truth is that many of Obama’s policies have failed to achieve their promises.

Rather than admitting his plans didn’t work because they were not based on truth, Obama deflects the mounting evidence of failure by blaming the speech writers for not communicating correctly.

This strategy is common to humanity, as pointed out in the beginning of Romans 1.  

The truth cannot be discarded or censored for very long before the evidence and destruction of the lies we love become overbearing.

Discarding the truth only appears to work for a short period of time, then it falls apart as society becomes increasingly incoherent. 


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