Cruz lost because the faithful didn’t vote in the primary


The reason Ted Cruz was forced to drop out of the Presidential race was because the army of faithful conservative voters that he was depending on didn’t show up.  

This is the conclusion of a new article in  

“Cruz ripped up the rulebook, running a base-turnout campaign from the start, counting on evangelical and very conservative voters who allegedly sat out elections contested by milquetoast candidates. 

Cruz argued that his absolutist brand of politics would raise a hidden “conservative army,” consisting of Americans who stayed home in 2008 and 2012. 

More than 50 million self-described evangelical voters stayed home when the GOP nominated Mitt Romney …”

Cruz took on cultural wars of the left and the GOP with a bold fire in his belly, and he probably would have won the election against Hillary or Bernie.   

Ted needed the 50 million conservative army to not only vote for him in the general election but also to come out and vote for him in the primary.   

But the faithful conservative army didn’t show up in the primary and he could not overcome the vas popularity of Trump.

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