Donald Trump is Gaining Support With Millennials


In the last few elections the majority of Millennials have been voting democratic.  And the polls in the primary have been supporting this trend.

This is changing quickly.

Trump is winning over Millennials with each speaking event he has.  The more Millennials hear his positions the greater the number of Millennials that he wins over. 

If this trend continues Trump is going to win the Millennials by a large margin.

Here is some quotes from a recent article about this trend.

“Kawashima-Ginsberg said. “It seems to be a mistake to assume that because there’s a Democratic Party nominee that they will vote for that person.””

“That leads to a greater distrust of Clinton, who is seen as part of the establishment; 53% of those under 30 say they dislike Clinton, according to the Harvard IOP poll.”

“Young voters think: “‘The system is rigged, I need somebody to totally overthrow the system’ and that’s what Trump says he’s going to do and that’s what Sanders says he’s going to do,” he said. “You can understand where there might be those commonalities.””

Perhaps the only way to stop this trend is to stop Trump from speaking to Millennials. 

This is why the Dem Party operatives continue to try to disrupt Trumps speaking events.  Trump cannot be allowed to speak, because his message is winning too many people.

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