The Sting of Divorce is Now Generations Deep


WorldMag has a new article about a story of one families struggle with the sting of divorce and how that sting is now generations deep.

“As divorce permeates American culture, its ripple effects are felt in normally joyous occasions like weddings, graduations, children’s births, and holidays. Some children of divorce enter marriage with more resolve, but many others are cynical of marriage and prefer cohabitation, leading to more broken relationships.”

“The sexual revolution and women’s rights movement of the 1960s shifted American views of marriage from happiness achieved through duty and sacrifice to an ephemeral individual happiness and “fulfillment.” In 1969, California passed the nation’s first no-fault divorce law, allowing one spouse to dissolve a marriage for any reason and gutting marriage of its legal power. No-fault laws quickly swept the nation: By 1980, the divorce rate had more than doubled, spawning what many call the “divorce revolution.””

“… cohabitation leads to more breakups, divorce, and economic instability, creating a complex web that increasingly involves children.”

The sting of divorce is now generations deep, which is now leading many into cohabitation.  But cohabitation only makes matters worse, because it trains couples to build a relationship without trusting each other before they get married.

Therefore, cohabitation does damage to the married before it even gets started.  The research is clear, “the average marriage preceded by cohabitation faces a 65 percent greater likelihood of divorce”, as documented by Glenn T. Stanton’s book “The Ring Makes All the Difference.”

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