Top 10 Books for Teen Girls


Most of the books today that target teen girls are full of fantasy and relativism, but few help them understand the real world or how to make good decisions in the real world.  

With the culture hell bent on destroying them by encouraging dangerous behaviors, how are teenagers supposed to gain the knowledge to build a blessed life?   

Having a Christian worldview is not just something nice to have anymore.  It’s not just something parents should hope their teenager figure out on their own.  Parents need to step in and help their teens find the answers to the question they have.  

Having a ready answer the arguments against the good life that Christianity leads to has become critical for teens to survive.  

I have taken an active role in finding good books for my daughter so she can stand firm in the days of evil. (Ephesians 6:13)   

How much would you pay for your teen daughter to avoid bad decisions?  I would pay a lot more than the price of these books.  Even if your daughter does not read them all, consider buying all of these books and get them in her hands as quickly as possible.  

Here is the top 10 teen books for girls that my daughter recommends.  

Top 10 Books for Teen Girls

  1. Mystery of the Silver Coins (Viking Quest Book 2, the entire series is the best)
  2. First Date (A Modern Day Retelling of the Story of Esther, written by Krista McGee)
  3. Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations
  4. Counted Worthy: One Bible Could Cost Her Everything
  5. Good Call: Reflections on Faith, Family, and Fowl
  6. How to Choose a Husband: And Make Peace With Marriage
  7. What’s a Girl to Do? While Waiting for Mr. Right?
  8. Don’t Waste Your Life
  9. I Don’t have enough Faith be to an Atheists
  10. The Deadliest Monster: A Christian Introduction to Worldviews

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